Maverick Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer w/ Pager Remote

2 Probe Set ET-7

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Maverick Wireless Digital MeatOne of the hardest things for a novice chef to do is judge the progress of meat as it cooks. Despite the effectiveness of judging by touch, sometimes this is not possible or advisable. Following proper food handling procedures means you don't mix cooked items with raw (unless you want to poison your guests). You can transfer bacteria on your fingertips.

That's why a device like an accurate thermometer can be a cook's best friend. Simply choose the type of meat and the degree to which you want it done. You can also specially set a preferred temperature. Insert the probe, pop your food in the oven, and the monitor will alert you when the food is ready. The LCD displays the temperature of your food and the elapsed cooking time. You can monitor two foods at once or two levels of doneness.

Decrease your worry about foodborne illness or underdone portions. The unit works wirelessly up to one hundred feet and comes with a pager that you can take outside with you while you enjoy your party. When the monitor alarm signals the item is done, the pager will beep you. You don't have to be tied to the oven or the grill. A must for any guy who loves to cook and loves electronic toys.

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