Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew

Kitchen Wine Bottle Opener Tool

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Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew You can end the struggle to uncork wine and do so in style with the Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew. One pull is all you'll need. It is quick like a rabbit, hence the name. The cork also easily ejects without damage. The polycarbonate metal and reinforced nylon construction can handle traditional or synthetic corks. A metal gear mechanism creates ideal leverage and the gears feature all metal teeth. With thirty one moving parts, this is a high tech tool.

Leading newspapers and magazines have raved about the ease of use and complimented the design (which has won a number of prestigious awards). People have had some complaints about the Rabbit's performance, which bear mentioning if you're considering it for your personal use. The device can spit cork into your wine if the screw punctures the bottom of the cork. The coating which allows the worm to penetrate the cork easily can cause it to just as easily pull out without removing the cork from the bottle. Use of the corkscrew on synthetic corks seems to wear the worms out far sooner than the company states.

Extras such as a foil cutter, a spare spiral worm, and a ten year warranty are included with the device. The black finish has a velvety feel. Ergonomic pads give you a better, more comfortable grip. You won't be ashamed to pull this corkscrew out in front of company; in fact, you'll find an excuse to do so. Practice first though, as the device can take a little getting used to.

Want a more effortless approach? Try the battery-operated Waring Pro Corkscrew.

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