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Metrokane Vertical Rabbit Lever StyleMetrokane, makers of the popular Rabbit corkscrew, have updated and simplified the design with this style. Long known for their unique take on modern consumer barware, Metrokane has produced another tool for wine lovers seeking the best combination of ease of use and style.

Like the venerable mousetrap, there is always someone looking to build the better corkscrew. The consumer today has innumerable cork yanking options from high-tech to old fashioned and everything in between. Most people just want a tool that works consistently and operates easily. Metrokane promises both with their line of Rabbit corkscrews. The previous model was well constructed and worked flawlessly. I have one myself and can attest to its quality. The downside is the large size and awkward shape of the unit. It's big and goofy looking, not something you want to display on the bar.

This model is known as the Vertical Rabbit. It aims to streamline the appearance as well as the operation of the corkscrew. Instead of large metal arms for grasping the bottle, the body itself has a flexible rubber section that works by just squeezing it while over the bottle neck. Then the top handle enters the cork with a down flip, and yanks it out when flipped back up. One more flip down to eject the cork and you're done.

The corkscrew has a chrome plated die-cast handle and the body features a soft matte black finish. All the parts seem well constructed and operate smoothly. Metrokane backs the quality of this with a ten year warranty, and also offers the corkscrew in silver and a sassy red finish.

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