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Microplane 4 in 1 Box Grater Simplicity beats technology in this 2009 Houseware Designs Gold Medal Award winner, the Microplane 4 in 1 Box Grater. Much more than a cheap pressed metal throwaway tool, the Microplane version features a comfortable molded handle and wide stable rubberized feet. The bent handle puts the user's weight over the center of the box, leaving the other hand free to swiftly grate cheese and vegetables in fine, coarse, and medium ribbon grades, plus a slicing option. The fine grater can be removed from the plastic housing to allow access for hand washing, but the entire unit is dishwasher safe.

For processing normal amounts of food--grating a few carrots for a salad or a little fresh parmesan for a pasta dinner--nothing beats the old sheet metal grater, except the Microplane. If you've ever chased an old fashioned grater across a cutting board, leaving a trail of dinner ingredients from apron to kitchen wall, you've probably considered another way. Cheap gimmicks don't work, and more expensive mandolines only make sense when there are lots of mouths to feed.

The Microplane stays where you put it, and deposits the shaved or grated food directly on plate or cutting board with a minimum of mess. It does take a little skill, and there's always that moment of decision when you consider making that one last pass or saving your fingertips--but these old inventions really aren't dangerous, depending on a quick brushing motion more than a sharp edge. Protective gloves are now available that take the worry out of the work.

Check out another way to grate your favorite foods with the Cuisipro Accutec Rasp.

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