Miele Optima Slimline Dishwasher

Built In High Tech Digital Programmable

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Miele Optima Slimline Dishwasher This is a town car of a dishwasher. Compared to washing by hand, loading and unloading the machine is truly a minor inconvenience, a very small chore. But if you have a machine doing the work, there is always room for improvement. Like what? You don't have to sort the silverware! The whole cutlery tray pulls out and can go directly into a kitchen drawer!

The most incredible feature of this dishwasher is how the company pairs it with changing technology. Through the PC Update function, the machine can have its programming changed to alter the level of water or electricity used or to make it work better with a new detergent. Special wash programs include settings for china and crystal, heavily soiled items, and a turbo option for a reduced cycle time. The bottom basket is made to accommodate large items, while the upper basket is deep enough for plates.

Even the control panel is concealed, visible only when the door to the machine is opened. Miele has elevated the dishwasher experience, promising quiet function and productive cleaning, backed by a total satisfaction guarantee. This model only comes with a custom door panel as it is made to be built in to fit your kitchen seamlessly.

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