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Aluminum Canner Cookware 22 Quart

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Mirro Pressure Cooker This is the pressure cooker for you if you either cook very large meals for the family or practice home canning. Either way, at 22-quarts it allows plenty of room for pressure cooking or pressure sterilizing the contents.

This pressure cooker from Mirro is constructed of polished aluminum. Not my first choice for cooking food but very practical for the needs of the home canner. It's much lighter than a comparably sized steel pressure cooker would be, and the tall narrow shape fits on a single stovetop burner. If you are wondering what I mean by home canning, it's the practice of preparing fresh foods; from fruits and vegetables to meats, for long term storage in special glass jars. The most important part of the canning process is the vacuum sterilization using a pressure cooker.

This cooker from Mirro is popular with the canning crowd for a few reasons. The size and shape are ideal for fitting many canning jars at a time. Also, the numerous pressure regulating and safety features promise that there will be no mishaps in the kitchen. One of the most praised components to this model is the style of pressure regulator mounted on the lid. It is known as a jiggler to users. It is a simple device relying on a hanging weight that jiggles in response to venting steam, making a noise that assures the user of constant pressure during use-- much more reliable and practical than the pressure dials on other cookers, according to the numerous discussion forums on canning.

Pressure cooking, and pressure canning, appear to be experiencing a renaissance. There are many resources to learn more, and thanks to products like this one from Mirro there continue to be products catering to this popular vocation.

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