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MIU French Fry Cutter The idea is sound: push a potato through a cutting grid, using a hand leverage press, and you have french fries ready to cook. This particular machine is built a little light for that purpose. The stamped stainless steel lever arms and slides of the MIU Cutter can easily bend or jam under conditions you would consider normal.

You will have better luck with this machine if you stick to working with small or medium Irish potatoes. Large white potatoes or tougher sweet potatoes are more than it can handle. Divide those into small pieces before running them through the MIU. Give the machine a little help by lubricating slides and pivot points with a few drops of cooking oil or mineral oil--if the action isn't smooth when you try it empty, it's not going to improve when you try it on produce. Two cutting grids are supplied, a 1/4" pattern and a 1/2" pattern; the 1/2" pattern puts less stress on the machine.

Press the handle straight down, and if the handle flexes out of line and starts to buckle, back off. You've done too much. Fix the problem and try again. It doesn't take a weight lifter to ruin a machine of this quality. If you undertake this project cautiously you can learn what works and what doesn't without breaking the machine.

Cleaning this by running it through a dishwasher will be tempting, but to keep the blade sharp take the cutter out and wash at least that section by hand. Inspect the rest of the MIU carefully and finish up what the dishwasher missed. Every time you wash the machine, re-lubricate the critical points.

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