The Most Extravagant Dinner Parties in History

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I'll have the Ostrich Brain and the Exploding Breast Cake, Please

Before you splurge on that Super Bowl Party, or make arrangements for that lavish Oscars Dinner, keep in mind that you can go TOO far in your quest to impress friends and neighbors. Below, read ten examples of hosts that got caught up in the excitement of party planning and may have suffered just a touch of remorse the next morning.

10. You Want Fries With That Ostrich Brain?

Roman Emperor and notorious practical joker Heliogabalus cooks up
some ostrich brain, locks his dinner guests in with the lions.

9. Dude, She's Just Not That Into You

Queen Elizabeth I
Earl of Leicester spends a lifetime chasing the Queen who would not be caught.
Efforts culminate in two colossal feasts.

8. Twenty Thousand Guests, Forty Thousand Bottles of Booze. You Do the Math

A Big Banquet
Mayors of France turn up their noses at Paris, get together with the
federal government at largest dinner party ever in 1900.

7. Try the Flamingo Tongue -- It's to Die For!

Roman Marcus Apicius invents Haute Cuisine, but over-the-top dinner bills
force re-evaluation of lifestyle. Rather than live with a mere
$200 million in the bank, Marcus opts for suicide.

6. Let Them Eat Cake -- I'll Be In Disguise

Mrs. Bradley Martin
New York Socialite amuses friends by hosting lavish costume ball in 1897.
Stuck in The Long Depression, everyone else is not amused.
Taxman sides with everyone else, rakes her over the coals.

5. Eighty-Four and Going Strong

Joe Hardy's Party
Eighty-four year-old billionaire lumber baron celebrates
his 84th birthday at a star-studded 2007 party.

4. Can I Have My $20 Billion Back Now, Please?

Michael Jackson
Insanely-wealthy Sultan of Brunei hosts 1996 bash with Michael Jackson
providing the entertainment. Brother embezzles several billion soon after.

3. The Billion Dollar Glass of Wine

Cleopatra bets Marc Antony she can create most expensive banquet ever.
Dissolves her billion-dollar pearl earring in wine, drinks it down, collects winnings.

2. Recession, What Recession?

Kylie Minogue
Billionaire casino magnate and serial supermodel divorcée Sol Kerzner ignores
2008 global meltdown, hosts Grand Opening for Dubai casino.

1. The 400 Billion Dollar Birthday Bash

Michaelangelo's David
Billionaire CEO's 2001 embezzlement pays for wife's multi-million dollar, R-Rated
fortieth birthday bash. Ends up in jail, divorced.

Final Thoughts

Did we forget about that crazy affair that you hosted last week? The one you threw just to show off your fancy new kitchen accessory? Let us know in the comments below.

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