Mundial Cutlery Starter Set

3 Piece Stainless Steel 5100 Series

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Mundial Cutlery Starter Set Obviously the revolution in cutlery hasn't filtered down to Brazil as yet--this set of three fundamental knives from Mundial, a well established South American company with 70 years of solid experience, is definitely old style and proud of it.

From the look of these knives, with dagger shaped blades and heavier than necessary forged construction, I'd say they eat a lot of meat in Brazil. Each of these knives could serve as a carving knife as well as the usual functions of slicing knife, serrated utility knife, and paring knife. The Chef's knife is most obviously different, with a slightly curved blade instead of the well rounded rocker style of Europe.

You'll find nothing delicate here--everything about these knives is a little more than you'd expect. They are nicely balanced and well shaped, built as much for chopping as for slicing. If you cook mostly with vegetables you may find them to be more knife than you need. Certainly, for light kitchen work, there are more streamlined knives that will beat these in terms of efficiency.

Mundial does not recommend putting these through a dishwasher--hand wash and dry only. As a starter set this is a nice choice, but you should plan on expanding by acquiring a full sized serrated bread knife, a lighter santoku, and a cleaver. Even with those as second choices, these three will still be favorites.

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