Myson Paella Enthusiast Cookware Set

Spanish Carbon Steel Spice Kit

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Myson Paella Enthusiast Spice Kit The Myson Paella Enthusiast Kit comes with an authentic Spanish paella pan sized to serve six, 1 kilogram of paella rice, 1 gram Mancho Oro saffron and 2.5 ounces Rey de La Vera sweet smoked pimenton (paprika), and a cookbook. The cookbook is Paella Paella by Maria and Natalia Ballinger. The book includes interesting new dishes and instructions on preparation of a proper paella.

The fifteen inch polished carbon steel pan is made in Spain and bears the marks of tradition- round and shallow, wide, with splayed sides and a slight dip in the center to help pool oil for early sauteing. It can be used on the stove or on an open fire; the pan is meant to be used over open flame (and is not recommended for electric or glass stovetops). The heat distribution cooks thoroughly without burning. The pan will gain seasoning as you use it and requires seasoning before you begin. This protects the pan from rust. Recommended light hand washing is all it will need, but it can be placed in the dishwasher.

This set is great for an outdoor gathering, a small dinner party, or a new experience. Myson carries authentic products which reflect a culinary heritage.

Also, a really nice paella pan is this one from the Mauviel Cuprinox line.

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