Nesco American Harvest Snackmaster Express Kit

Food Dehydrator w/ Jerky Gun FD-61WHC

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Nesco American Harvest SnackmasterThe set includes five trays and can be expanded to twelve. The jerky gun comes with five spices and cures and three tip attachments for making sticks or strips. The fruit roll sheet can be used to make fruit leathers, dry your own soups or sauces, or process any semi-liquid or messy items. The clean-a-screen flexes to make sticky fruit easier to remove and small items like herbs easier to dry.
There is no need to rotate trays. The opaque exterior helps retain nutritional content of foods by blocking out light. The trays are safe for the dishwasher if removed before the drying cycle begins. A recipe guide is included to get you started.

Some savvy people use the fruit roll up trays to catch any debris from the trays above as they dehydrate, speeding the clean up. Quiet and simple to use, this kit is a must for home dehydrating if you want to experience the full range of use. The top mount eliminates a lot of the hassle of other systems because food won't drip into the heater and fan.

Nesco American Harvest has a site filled with accessories, books, spice mixes, and even more recipes to support what will become a habit, if experience tell us anything. Delicious natural snacks, preserved safely, can be fun for the whole family.

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