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Nordic Ware Mini Scone Pan NordicWare, the Minnesota company that was the first to bring you the bundt pan, brings out another product in their cookware line for baking up some popular Euro-goodies, just like you get at the local coffeeshop.

This pan takes any uncertainty out of the scone shaping process. Cast from heavy aluminum with a serious nonstick finish and a heat-reflective exterior, you can bake sixteen equally shaped mini-scones at a time. Then when they are done you can just pop them out onto a cooling rack. Rather than the traditional method of rolling the dough out into a circle and cutting the wedges by hand, with this pan you measure an equal quantity of dough into each section and bake. Foolproof mini-scones!

The nice thing about this pan is how handy it is for baking a variety of goods. I am a big fan of cornbread and the triangle shapes are perfect for a batch of uniquely shaped corn muffins with plenty of crispy edge to them. NordicWare advertises the ability to use this pan on the stovetop and in the broiler as well as the oven. Personally I cannot think of a reason to use it anywhere other than baking in the oven, although you might come up with something. Triangular omelets anyone? The NordicWare company has many fans, and they almost universally love this pan for its quality and ease of use.

This is a very solid, well crafted product from NordicWare and is made in the USA. It is dishwasher safe and carries a lifetime warranty.

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