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Northern Industrial Tools Deluxe FrenchIf you've worked in a fast paced restaurant kitchen you probably know this monster of a prep tool already. When you need a ton of uniform potato slices that will cook evenly in a clockwork time frame, you don't cut them by hand on a cutting board. You use a machine like this one. For home kitchens it may be overkill, but if you take the time to set it up correctly you'll never be short of French fried potatoes again.

The weak points--well, let's go through them. Blades wear out--you can't sharpen them, so get used to buying new ones. It will be hard to clean--the press cutter is designed to bolt to the wall and stay there. Put a clean potato in the press, pull the handle down, and presto! Fries in the bowl. But, if it jams and you keep pulling, you can break it. The frame is cast aluminum, light and strong and breakable just like cast iron. Lever arms will bend under too much pressure, which happens if the sliding bracket doesn't move smoothly.

When you mount this cutter, either to a wall or to a cutting board (which people do in home kitchens for using the machine on a counter top) make sure all four feet sit flush on the board without any forcing or twisting or torquing. Use washers as spacers if you have to. Twisting the machine out of line when you mount it will be the source of many troubles.

Use a harmless lubricant on the moving parts--a few drops of mineral oil is plenty. Cleaning the beast will always be a pain, something you have to do carefully, by hand, with patience. The removable cutters will last longer if you don't run them through the dishwasher.

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