Norway Wins Bocuse D’Or Gold Medal. Had Unfair Advantage?

Posted by on Jan 28

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The prestigious Bocuse D'Or competition has just wrapped up in Lyon, France, with a team from Norway emerging as the Gold Medal winners.

Named for legendary French Chef Paul Bocuse, the Bocuse D'or is a two-day competition which pits a single team from each qualifying country against each other. Organizers call it the Olympics of cooking. Teams are given identical ingredients and asked to create dishes that represent the best of their home country's cuisine.

Though it's supposed to be a level playing field, this year's competition had a bit of a bias to it. The featured ingredients for today's main course were Norwegian cod and Norwegian prawns. So it may come as no surprise that the Norwegian's walked away with the top prize. Second prize? Neighboring Sweden. Winner of several lesser prices? Fellow Scandinavian nation Denmark.

The competition makes for great theater, though, and these chefs are certainly at the top of their games. Check out the New York Times' Diner's Journal blog for a great set of posts covering the event.

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