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Olde Thompson Orbit Spice Rack The Olde Thompson Orbit Spice Rack offers sixteen palm rounded jars. The three ounce jars come prefilled with a savory variety of spices. The chrome tops have flip open seals, giving access to pour or shake spices. Spice titles are clearly labeled in black on the side of each lid. A chrome knob on the top of the center spindle makes carrying the whole unit easy.

The two levels of the Lazy Susan design allow you to group your spices by most used or in families which fit your cooking habits. Each jar is safely secured on the spinning rack. The jars stand up well to wear. The rack and jars have a unique look, more feminine due to the extensive use of rounding vs straight lines. The black and chrome contrasted with the vibrant colors of the spices makes a pleasing visual statement. The rack offers quite a bit of storage for its size and would work well on a countertop even where space is limited.

Replacements for plugs, knobs and tops are available through Olde Thompson. The company prides itself on having over sixty years of experience in dealing with spices. They offer assurance that you will receive herbs and spices of the best quality. To back this claim, their website has an informative section where you can click on any spice to discover the country of origin, shelf life, tips on use, and general information.

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