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Mauviel Omelet PanMauviel's Cuprinox frying pan has such a fast reaction time to heat adjustments that you'll be able to perform tricky feats like making French omelets correctly, instead of American style. This makes a cast iron pan look like a frontier relic.

Most of the material in this frying pan is actually copper. The bilaminated construction uses copper as the external layer, which makes up 90 percent of the pan. The copper conducts heat so efficiently that the pan heats quickly to the exact temperature you need, allows fast fine-tuning, and shuts down soon enough to eliminate overcooking from residual heat. If you want a perfect omelet, folded just right and not overcooked, that temperature control makes it all possible instead of an unattainable goal.

The interior of the Mauviel Cuprinox frying pan is a thinner layer of 18/10 stainless steel. The stainless steel resists corrosion, cleans up easily, and won't impart metallic flavors to food. Since this layer only makes up ten percent of the pan, you get the fast reaction of copper plus the durability of stainless steel. You'll find the Mauviel pan your best choice whenever working with food that needs to be done just right -- cook a steak exactly the way you want it instead of just close.

The copper exterior does tarnish, but the gloss restores easily when rubbed with copper cleaner, a fine polishing compound. You'll need to clean this pan by hand since the copper exterior of softer metal needs special care. Mauviel warns that chlorine-based cleaners pit the metal, but with mild detergents and ordinary hand washing the pan should last a lifetime.

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