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Electric Nonstick Steam Poacher #4716

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Oster 4716 Egg Cooker I ElectricWith the Oster Egg Cooker you can impress your guests or enjoy your own poached or boiled eggs quickly and easily and with minimal clean-up. For boiled, the 4716 model holds up to eight eggs. You choose the consistency with hard, medium, and soft boil options. Poached eggs can be prepared simply, up to four at a time with no guesswork.

The Oster offers many convenient features. The surface won't stick or stain. (Remember washing the pan after your last batch of boiled eggs, when a couple of shells cracked? That mess is a thing of the past). The discrete signal light on the front will let you know when your eggs are cooked to perfection. The poaching tray is removable, allowing you to bring the eggs directly to the table and they easily slide from the tray to the plate, so they look as good as they taste. The manufacturer offers a one year warranty.

This cute mini appliance needs little space on your countertop or in your cabinet. Leave it out on display and it will become a conversation piece. The Oster is a hands-free device: place the eggs, choose the setting, and you're done. It will turn off automatically when the cooking has completed. As it requires less water and offers precision preparation, it is a more environmentally friendly option to boiling.

If you ever wanted the ease of boiled eggs without having to fuss with shells, you can simply crack your eggs into the poaching cups. Creating eggs for salads or sandwiches is a breeze. Breakfast can be cooking while you attend to all of the other distractions of a hectic morning. Add a boiled egg to a packed lunch for a quick snack or protein on the go. The Oster provides you convenience, speed, and versatility.

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  1. Michael Says:

    The Oster is a great kitchen appliance, have had mine for years.