Oster Classic Beehive Blender

Kitchen Glass Stainless Chrome 4093

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Oster Classic Beehive Blender For me a blender is judged by three criteria: power, simplicity and ease of cleaning. This model from Oster does pretty well on all three counts. This is a reproduction of a very popular blender style from long ago, no doubt to capitalize on the retro popularity of the look. It doesn't hurt that it's a darn good blender as well. Oster has been in the game since their "Osterizer" blender set the standard back in the day.

The Beehive has a 500 watt motor and metal components where necessary for holding up to heavy jobs like crushing ice. The glass pitcher won't stain or become scratched under normal use. Keep in mind that while the pitcher itself is dishwasher safe, the plastic lid and components must be hand washed. The controls are simple as can be, one steel toggle switch with two speeds- low and high. The low speed can be operated for a quick pulse or left on for longer blending needs.

The base is substantial in weight and has rubber feet to keep it from moving about on the countertop. The chrome finish is very attractive and easy to wipe down. As with any polished chrome appliance, dirt and fingerprints show up readily, so extra care is needed to keep this looking sharp. The big switch is actually going to be the most challenging to clean around; this is where waterproof touchpad controls rule. But of course that wouldn't be in keeping with the cool retro styling of this popular model.

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