Oster Milkshake Drink Mixer

Beverage Blender Chrome 100 Watt 6627

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Oster Milkshake Drink Mixer Oh, for the love of a really good milkshake. By really good I mean thick and chunky. And by chunky I mean Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream, Coffee with chocolate covered espresso beans-- Oh my.

Oster's 6627 Drink Mixer is a solid milkshake-making machine. Its die cast chrome construction offers and solid and stable base. Equipped with aeration discs, this commercially designed Drink Mixer will combine ingredients in seconds.

The mixer comes with a 28-oz stainless steel cup which you can directly blend your milkshake or smoothie in. The stainless steel keeps your drink icy cold. (Who wants a watery milkshake, right?) And a safety device prevents the mixer from running without the stainless cup in place (which could be a problem if you lose the cup).

Of course, you could have all this (except the stainless steel cup which you would have to buy separately) with an Immersion Blender. And an Immersion Blender can be used to mix anything from grinding flax seed to creaming soups. You can also use an Immersion Blender directly in your drinking cup, soup pot, or the cup that it usually comes with.

So, if you're looking for versatility, look for an Immersion Blender. If you want a good milkshake and a machine that will not only make it but give you the feel of an old soda fountain, then look for an Oster 6627 Milkshake Drink Mixer. It's that simple.

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