Black Oster Beehive Blender

Ice Crusher Machine for Smoothies, Milkshakes & Cocktail Drinks

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Oster Professional Blender & IceThough they call this the Beehive bar blender, this isn't just for making mixed drinks. Anyone who enjoys crushed ice drinks, or crushed ice alone, will be overwhelmed with the production of this unit. It crushes like nobody's business, using super sharp blades and an all-metal drive powered by a one-half horsepower output to finish fast. As in: mere seconds. If it can do that to ice, frozen chunks of fruit don't stand a chance.

The signs of quality are everywhere: the glass jar, rubber feet for stability, the heavy duty cord. The blender does what it does while sitting still on the bar. You don't have to try to hold down a bucking bronco of a machine to get your smoothie fix. You also don't have to baby the thing for ten minutes to get your ingredients mixed.

One simple switch operates the blender, and you have to hold it down to keep it going. That is neither a problem nor a mistake. Your food or drink is ready in practically the time it takes to turn the unit on. You'll want to be right there, because it is done already. This is the most highly rated blender I've found -- for good reason.

Compare this with the KitchenAid 5-speed blender.

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