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Glass Beehive Black BPST02-B

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Oster Professional Series Blender This beehive-style blender is a classic. It has style, it has horsepower. It's cool like an old clas

sic car is cool.

It has two speeds: fast and faster. It crushes ice and pulverizes the frozen fruit in my smoothies. It's not a quiet machine, but who cares when it looks that good and bends that well.

The base is sturdy and the motor is heavy-duty metal. It has a tough cord. The glass is even tough. It resists scratches and wouldn't break even if I threw it against the wall. It has rubber feet on the bottom so it won't move around on your counter or get slippery when wet.

It looks great anywhere. On your bar, in your kitchen. It is proof that simple is beautiful.

I was torn between two blenders when I was shopping-this one and Oster's 12-speed blender. I decided to trade in the multiple speeds for the funky beehive look of this one. And I'm happy I did. I can't make delicate sauces with this blender. But I can make great smoothies and drinks and puree soups. This is a great blender at a great price.

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