OXO Good Grips Food Scale w/ Pull Out Display

11 Pound Capacity

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OXO Good Grips Food Scale w/ Pull OutThis scale is compact, sturdy, and has all the handy measuring features common to kitchen scales. Choice between ounces or grams, generous 11 lb. weighing capacity, and a zero out feature, also known as tare, which allows you to set your empty bowl on the scale then reset the weight to zero, so you are measuring only the ingredients as you add them. There is also a backlight on the display you can switch on if it becomes difficult to read.

The most obvious feature of this scale is the pull-out display. Very cool, but think about it. Oxo has taken a rather minor inconvenience, that of a large bowl obscuring the display, and solved it in a rather elaborate fashion. The entire display undocks from unit and can be pulled out a couple of inches, connected by a wire tether, like a little astronaut. Two magnets dock it in place when returned to the spaceship. All very clever. And completely unnecessary if you just stick to using medium or small bowls on the scale in the first place. Now a wireless remote display, that would be something.

This seems to be less a problem solver, and more an expensive gimmick to help this scale stand out in a crowded marketplace. If you have really big bowls however, and need a scale that can weigh those bowls of yours, step right up. You know who you are.

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