Panasonic Digital Microwave w/ Automatic Turntable

White 1250 Watt NN-H765WF

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Panasonic Digital Microwave w/Panasonic's 1250 Watt NN-H765WF Microwave Oven offers push button control and an automatic 15-inch diameter turntable for even cooking. Ten power settings actually power down rather than giving infrequent bursts of high power as many microwaves do. At lower power settings, the cooking is more controlled with temperatures remaining constant.

Three settings for popcorn allow selection of proper temperatures for different sizes of bags. Some experimentation will be required to get the best results when cooking this popular snack, since the focus of the microwave beam varies from unit to unit. Placement of the food on the turntable makes as much difference as temperature setting in many models.

The LCD menu screen scrolls step-by-step cooking instructions for common meals and explains the one-touch keys that provide ten useful functions. That's a very thoughtful feature, considering how many times you may need to do things that would otherwise require consulting the manual. Many of us don't use microwaves to the full extent possible, or even correctly. Usually we find three or four things that work and stick with that, when the machines are capable of much more.

A one year warranty and a reputation for reliability add to the reasons for considering the Panasonic as a convenient addition to your kitchen. There's even a similar model in stainless steel.

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