Panasonic Luxury Full Size Microwave

Black 1250 Watt NN-H965BF

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Panasonic Luxury Full Size Microwave I love the title description of this microwave oven. "Luxury Full-Size". It sounds like a sedan from the '70s. If only it was trimmed in Corinthian leather.

This is a big appliance. Not the sort of thing for a college dorm room. More like a timesaver for a large family, in a roomy kitchen. With 2.2 cubic ft. of interior capacity, you can fit some major food in this unit. It features a proprietary technology that is meant to cook and defrost foods much more gently and evenly, using varying degrees of microwave energy rather than the full blast method employed by others.

The product description describes complex microwave sequencing -- "Chaos Theory" is actually mentioned. I don't know about you, but I'm not sure I want a 1,250-watt microwave-emitting device in my kitchen that is based on Chaos Theory. I saw Jurassic Park.

As far as controls, this oven has an extensive feature set. The digital display shows step by step instructions and can be programmed with sequences of events to ease dinner preparation. There is a sensor that automatically adjusts cooking times base on the amount of steam released. Also featured is a simmer setting that is meant to keep foods warm without overcooking. The downside to this is the learning curve while you familiarize yourself and family with the controls. This is a roomy and powerful appliance for a family-sized setting, with a host of controls that, once mastered, should meet the needs of everyone in the household. The online community is mixed in their opinion, although generally favorable toward this model.

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