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Sausage Food Processor MK-G20NR-W

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Panasonic Meat Grinder Although considered adequate for a home kitchen, if you intend to use the Panasonic MK-G20NR-W Meat Grinder on a regular basis you'll need to consider the limits of the machine. Some of the construction is lightweight and the motor is a little underpowered for the task.

If you want to grind a couple of pounds of burger meat or make a dozen sausages, this machine is a reasonable choice. It isn't built to handle much more--the metal hopper is too light, the capacity of the machine is too limited, and the sausage maker fittings are the sort of lightweight plastic that will eventually break during use. Three different cutting blades are included, for fine, coarse and medium grinds, but you should not expect to run an entire deer carcass through any of them without trouble.

The motor is protected by a circuit breaker which shuts down operation if the machine is pushed beyond reasonable limits. If you find that happening very often, that's not a good sign. Ease up until you find a rate the machine can handle without overheating, or the lifetime of this handy gadget will be cut short.

Probably it would make sense for manufacturers to develop a utility scale ranging from "tasty treats" to "half a cow." On that scale, the Panasonic would be an excellent "tasty treats" level machine.

A better option is the Waring Pro Professional Meat Grinder, a dishwasher-safe grinder that comes with a five-year warranty.

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