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Full Size Digital 1250 Watt NN-H765BF

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Panasonic Microwave Oven This Panasonic microwave oven offers 1250 watts of power with a 1 3/5 cubit foot capacity. The fifteen inch turntable, ten power levels, and five multi stage cooking options give you more control over your microwaved dishes. The one touch sensor cooking included in this model will adjust power levels and calculate cooking times automatically, greatly simplifying warming and cooking efforts.

The keep warm menu now accommodates five items, keeping commonly used foods heated and ready until it's time to serve them. Several additional settings and controls include a more/less control, Quick Minute, delay start, auto reheat, and popcorn key, all aimed to make microwaving fine tuned and simpler. The Panasonic has an Inverter Turbo Defrost, which provides thorough defrosting.

The cooking instructions are available in three languages. Press the handy function key and it will provide a display to guide the user through programming of several convenient noncooking functions.

When the basic description of a product is as convoluted as the one accompanying the Panasonic, any hope for ease of use goes out the window. In attempting to provide a wider range of cooking options, the manufacturer has made this microwave into a button pushing nightmare. However, the oven itself is a fine product, cooking food in less time and to a better degree than older models.

The interior may be a bit smaller than you're used to in a full size microwave oven, but people have been generally positive in their reception of this unit. If you want this level of control over your microwaving, give this one a try.

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