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Stainless Steel Digital 1300 Watt NN-SN657S

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NN-SN657S panasonic microwaveI remember when the microwave oven was more novelty than necessity. We used to melt cheese on bread just to watch the magic happen, and then scald our mouths with the resulting product. This model from Panasonic is considerably more versatile, and aims to take any guesswork out of meal preparation with the range of features offered.

With a rather clumsy title, the NN- N657S boasts some considerable technology for defrosting, cooking, and even keeping food warm until serving. The oven has a capacity of 1.2 cubic ft. and a total power output of 1300 watts. Using what it calls "Inverter Technology", the oven adjusts the level of microwave energy for more even and gentle cooking. Other microwave ovens usually control cooking by cycling the energy full on or full off, which can result in overcooking the edges while undercooking the center of food items. Using this new technology, Panasonic can also offer speedy defrosting of food as well as a unique keep warm feature. The controls are extensive, including many auto-cook menu items for common foods. There are five cooking stages, and ten power levels for convenience, as well as a delay start and a one button popcorn feature.

Note: only the door of this is actually stainless steel. The case is painted metal. Some users have taken issue with this as false advertising. Also, there are some reports of this model having a shorter-than-average working life. Panasonic has a well-deserved history of quality; just make sure to check the features and reviews of comparable brands to find the model right for you.

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