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Fuzzy Logic Technology | Digital SR-NA10 5 1/2 Cup

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Panasonic Rice Cooker The Panasonic Rice Cooker promises consistently perfect rice preparation through Fuzzy Logic technology. The cooker is made to adjust the level of power to fit the amount of rice being cooked. Prepare from two to eleven cups of cooked rice in one batch.

There are eight menu settings with six rice functions, steam and cake baking options. The twenty four hour clock has two preset timers. A twelve hour keep warm function begins automatically as soon as the cooking has completed. The nonstick pan makes clean up far easier and the steaming basket is dishwasher safe. The cord rewinds automatically. A measuring cup, scoop and holder are included in the set. The Panasonic carries a one year limited warranty.

Comparable to the Zojirushi Micom in size and performance, the Panasonic seems to take longer than some units to prepare its contents, but makes a nice finished rice. The self-storing cord is great. On other models, I end up shoving the cord into the pan well, which you can't do until the unit cools down. Making rice with these newer models is so much easier (has no guesswork, requires no monitoring), that people find they eat more rice than ever before. Since it's possible to steam items and cook hot cereals as well, healthy eating becomes a lot faster and simpler.

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