Parvin Flameguard Oven Mitt Review

Fire Retardant BBQ Glove, Water & Stain Repellant

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Parvin Flameguard Oven Mitt Review The Parvin Flameguard Oven Mitt is an item I'd like to have in my kitchen. However, it's not the only oven mitt that I'd ever need. It's not the ideal mitt for every single kitchen task that comes my way, but for most, it performs extremely well.

This is a mitt that comes with a "Highly Recommended" rating from the Cook's Illustrated America's Test Kitchen, and also won the magazine's "Best Buy" award. There are several reasons that it stands out from the rest of the oven mitts on the market. It comes with a special FlameGuard fire-retardant coating on the 100% cotton surface, which is also water repellant and stain repellant. So that means if you're prone to barbeque "experiments" gone awry, this mitt could turn out to be very useful. It's also 14 inches long -- quite lengthy for an oven mitt. Reaching into the deep, dark corners of a hot oven doesn't seem so frightening anymore. The extra length makes it a great option for a barbecue mitt as well.

Even with all that in consideration, the reason the Parvin Flameguard Oven Mitt isn't ideal as an all-purpose mitt is because it's only safe up to 400 degrees. I frequently cook at temperatures above 400 degrees, and I need a mitt that will protect my hands from those extreme temperatures. However, if you rarely cook at temperatures above 400, a FlameGuard mitt is worth consideration.

Care instructions state that the mitt should not be washed in a washing machine; instead, it should be cleaned with a damp rag by hand. The fit is a bit large for some with small hands, and it can arrive feeling "stiff" at first. With normal wearing over time, however, the stiffness will break in just like a new pair of shoes.

Once you've tried out the mitt, take a look at this all-inclusive barbecue grilling tool set to go with it.

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