Paula Deen Files Lawsuit; Celebrity Chefs Tours LLC Fights Back

Posted by on Mar 20

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Paula Deen Tour & SonsLast month, southern cooking maven Paula Deen filed a lawsuit against her tour promoters, Celebrity Chefs Tours LLC, due to defamation and breach of contract.

Deen and her two sons Bobby and Jamie were under contract to appear in live cooking demonstrations between February and May of 2010. They agreed to receive up to $130,000 per event. However, Deen claims that payments for two of her shows were "only $100,000" and that a recent payment check from CCT for $150,000 had bounced. According to her official plaintiff statement, she was "entitled under Section 7(d) of the Tour Agreement to terminate the Tour Agreement immediately after the $150,000 deposit went unpaid." She is currently seeking $1.25 million in damages.

But CCT has now filed a counter-suit in the amount of $40 million. They claim that Deen and her family have failed to appear at numerous tour shows for which they were paid in advance. In addition, they raised other complaints regarding Paula's use of "non-family-friendly language" and a tendency to "rarely cook during her performance," leaving audiences disappointed. The lawsuit is against Deen Brothers Enterprises, Deen's agent, and her husband, Michael Groover.

Sources: EW News Briefs

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  1. Celebrity Chef Fan Says:

    Turns out there never was a “bounced” check. The money was wired to her agent! She was sued for $40 million because she walked from her contractual obligations and then defamed the promoter- comparing them to “spoiled food” in her restaurant.