Paula Deen Porcelain Cookware Set

Red Aluminum Copper 12 Piece

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Paula Deen Porcelain Cookware Set The look of the set is what truly makes the Paula Deen Porcelain set stand out. Highlights include the unique copper plated knobs and hanging rings. The Paula Deen signature is emblazoned across the bottom of each pan and the PD logo is on the lid knobs as well. For fans and those who like to display cookware, the styling and branding of the pans will be a very attractive feature. The signature design works well with the speckled porcelain exteriors. These come in a handful of colors, but those colors are more eye catching because they aren't the usual solid presentation.

Details such as tempered glass lids and handles rubberized for both comfort and security add to the quality of the set. The handles are even color coordinated with the porcelain. The interiors are nonstick. The exteriors are stain resistant, easy to clean. The saucepans of this set are all on the small side, highly suitable for a smaller kitchen or when cooking smaller portions. The tools are basic, but helpful pieces. The use of aluminum allows the pans to heat well without the added weight of other forms of metal construction.

Also, Paula Deen shares her own basic cooking tips, suggestions for down home classic foods, and her favorite product choices on her website. These are very helpful additions and complements to the set.

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