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Phillips Senseo Single Serve CoffeeOh Senseo, why do you continue to taunt us with your promises of convenience and quality, while delivering just expensive, average coffee?

The Senseo Single-serve Coffeemaker from Phillips is designed exclusively for use with premade coffee pods in a variety of flavors. It will dispense a 4 or 8 oz. cup of coffee directly into your cup. The process involves filling the reservoir with water and turning on the machine to warm it up, then selecting either one or two coffee pods, depending on the portion or strength you desire and placing them into the unit. Snap the top shut, and when the ready light is lit, press the brew button. Out drips your coffee into the cup. When you are ready for another 4 or 8 oz., just repeat the process. The quality of this machine is excellent. It feels solid and well manufactured, and all the parts fit together smartly. The unit has very few parts that require cleaning, and is easy to maintain.

The price and popularity of convenience sometimes confounds me. This is not a cheap appliance for making coffee. Add the cost of the pods, and you are drinking a very pricey cup of joe every day. Remember, this is not espresso, but only drip-style coffee. The machine has a little trick of aerating the coffee as it passes the filter to simulate crema, which looks very tasty. Personally, I have yet to be impressed with the quality of coffee from a Senseo. Good coffee? Sure. Worth the trouble and expense? No way.

If you live in a multi-resident household where everyone likes a different brew, this may be just the thing for you. Viva la Convenience!

Need some coffee pods while you're at it? The Perfect Pod machine makes them for you, so you don't have to buy your own all the time.

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