Pinzon Professional Kitchen Utensil Tool Set

8 Piece Stainless Steel Storage Canister

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Pinzon Professional Kitchen UtensilSeven stainless steel kitchen tools and a matching stainless steel canister look great on the counter, but think about it--how often do you use non stick pots and pans that require wood or synthetic utensils? I have a very nice stainless steel wok and saute pan somewhere in the cabinet, behind all the non stick pots and teflon coated pans I really use. My all stainless steel spatula really is my favorite, but it stays in the drawer and the silicone version that won't ruin my everyday cookware gets all the business.

These may be a little outdated for most of us, and it's a shame. I like the look, and these are nice tools even though there may be some sharp edges and a few burrs you need to take care of before use. Some will find use frequently and some not--the spatula might as well stay in the box, but the meat fork hasn't gone out of style at all.

Each of these tools has a loop set into the end of the handle, so if you have a rack and the space to put it, they fit there as easily as they fit the canister that comes with them. Whether they really make sense will depend on the cookware you choose. With almost every kitchen tool you'll really need, from slotted spoons to soup ladle and pasta fork, you'll probably break a few warranty rules.

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