Pinzon Mandoline Slicer

Stainless Steel w/ 4 Blade Attachments

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Pinzon Stainless Steel KitchenI've often fantasized about the gorgeous, intricately cut foods I would sculpt with a mandoline. Scalloped potatoes shaved papery thin. A mountain of shredded hash browns that would bring tears to a brunch lover's eye! Sure, I wouldn't use it every day. And maybe not even every week. But when I did use it ... well, surely it would be a showstopping event.

Pinzon has recently designed their mandoline and there are a lot of features to rave about. The four different blades are easy to slide in and out. A side knob makes it effortless to adjust the thickness of the cut. I was impressed with the stainless steel frame -- it's durable, well constructed, and, frankly, it looks stunning on my countertop. I was ready to julienne with abandon!

Sadly, my enthusiasm quickly turned into concern for my digits. The safety food holder is supposed to protect your fingers and keep the food firmly in place while it glides over the slicing blade. But I had to press on the food with such brute force that the non-slip legs collapsed underneath it and I nearly waffle-cut my knuckle off.

And washing it was even more dangerous than using it. It's not dishwasher safe so you risk losing a finger every time you clean it by hand. If a piece of equipment if harder to clean than it is to use, I just can't embrace it wholeheartedly.

Next time, I'll spend a bit more money on a mandolin with a shaper blade that's also dishwasher safe. Or I'll buy a less expensive plastic version and use the money I save to invest in a chain-mail no-cut glove (the kind butchers use) so I don't end up in the emergency room.

Compare this with the Swissmar V-Prep Mandoline.

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