Polder Bullet Steel Trash Waste Bin

Touchless Galvanized 12 Gallon 1530-95

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Polder Bullet Steel Trash Waste Bin The Polder 12 Gallon Bullet Waste Bin works equally well in kitchen, bathroom or office -- allowing quick access and an automatic closure for odor control. The Polder Bullet shows a powder-coated metal exterior and stainless steel access hatch, concealing the real working section of the can -- a 15-gallon galvanized steel bucket. Corrosion proof and fire resistant, Polder Bullets have lasted 15 to 20 years in actual use and could go even further.

For the kitchen, the Polder Bullet provides sensible and decorative waste collection. The exterior cleans up easily with a damp cloth, which will be frequently necessary if you depend on the stainless steel swinging door for access. That may look great and work well in the office, but in the kitchen you need a bigger target and hopefully something you don't have to touch. With the Polder, the solution is simple. If you see a busy moment looming, lift the exterior of the Bullet off and set it aside, giving complete access to the inner container.

Disposal of contents is simple and easy. Line the inner container with a 15-gallon kitchen trash bag and simply tie the top and lift the bag out when full. The bucket has enough weight to separate fairly easily from the bag, but to avoid a wrestling match, don't pack the trash down. The Bullet has enough capacity to handle waste storage for the average kitchen without being too heavy for easy handling.

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