Pragotrade Weston Electric Meat Slicer

Kitchen Deli Stainless Steel Blade 9 Inch

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Pragotrade Weston Electric Meat Slicer Built to American specifications by manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, this good looking counter top food slicer sports a stainless steel cutting blade 8 5/8" in diameter, bigger than the discs in most other comparably priced machines. With a blade this big it will be easy to push the machine past the motor's capabilities, so do what you can to ease the load.

Before operating for the first time, make sure the sliding table moves easily--a few drops of lubricant on the bar will help. Kitchen machines are often jerky in operation because regular cleaning removes the oil they need for smooth operation. If there is binding during the cut, stop and take care of the problem. Pushing through will only twist the housing out of line and cause more trouble.

Light duty motors tend to overheat if pushed too hard--many have cutouts built in that temporarily shut off power until the motor cools down to safe operating temperatures again. If you do smell something overheating, give yourself and the machine a rest.

You should expect good results, even from a lightweight machine. If you don't force food into the blade this slicer should do an adequate job on meat, cheese, vegetables, and fruit. Some foods like cheese are sticky high friction jobs, so you may have to divide a block before slicing.

The Weston carries a limited one year warranty on machine and motor, so deal with any genuine problems quickly.

Here's a deli slicer from Rival that's a bit more compact for your kitchen.

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