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04820 PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper

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Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air CornThe Presto Poplite is the same popper as the Orville Redenbacher, also by Presto.

In this machine, which will bring back childhood memories for Generation X, hot air is used to pop the corn. As easy as microwaving, less complicated than stovetop popping, you simply plug it in, add the unpopped kernels, and watch cascades of hot, golden corn fill your bowl. Melt on some chocolate or butter, add salt or enjoy it plain. The air popped flavor is unlike what you'll experience with other forms of preparation, in part because no oil is required.

An integrated part of the cover is a removable measuring cup for kernels that doubles as a butter melting chamber. Your butter (or margarine), best when added at room temperature, melts as your corn pops, assuring it is ready to add as soon as the corn is popped. You won't have long to wait. Faster than a microwave, up to forty percent faster than rival poppers, the Presto Poplite can pop up to eighteen cups (two serving bowls) in two and a half minutes. Removable cover and butter well can be handwashed, or simply wipe and store.

You'll want to keep the cover on until the popper cools to help keep it from warping. Beware that the hot air can also heat the bowl catching your popped corn. Air poppers require your attention while in use, are also quite loud (like a large hairdryer) and function better if they warm up a bit before you add the corn and cool down before you attempt to clean or store them.

If you have room for an appliance dedicated to a single function or you frequently enjoy popped corn, a PopLite would be a good buy. Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful triggers for memory. Make this item a facet of family game night and watch the corn pop as a part of your family tradition.

Here's another popper to take a look at:  the Cuisinart EasyPop.

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