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Food Canning Aluminum 23 Quart

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Presto Pressure Cooker Presto's Pressure Cooker and Canner exceeds USDA recommendations for safely canning low-acid foods such as vegetables, meats, and poultry. Made of heavy-duty aluminum with plastic handles that stay cool, this pan also serves as a large pressure cooker, making it possible to cook healthy, delicious meals- including fish, chicken, and vegetables- in less time than it would take to microwave them. Because the lid securely locks during cooking, and an inner ring keeps the moisture in, pressure-cooked foods retain more of their natural moisture, nutrients, and flavor.

With a pop-up pressure indicator, simple steam release mechanism, and an over-pressure plug that lets off excessive steam build-up, there's no need to worry that your pressure cooker will blow its top.

If you're new to pressure cooking or canning, there's an accompanying booklet that contains more than fifty recipes as well as detailed care instructions. These care instructions provide essential information that you must know before cleaning your pressure canner- things like the fact that the lid should not be immersed in water, the sealing ring should be removed after each use, and the dial gauge is delicate.

This is not a simple, one-button-to-push kitchen gadget; it's a professional-quality tool with special safety issues that are clearly explained in the accompanying booklet. And while the pressure cooker/canner comes with a canning rack to protect jars during canning, there are other canning tools that you may want but that do not come with this canner- a jar lifter, a canning funnel, etc.... What it does come with though- and which may be its best feature- is a twelve-year warranty. Now that should take some of the pressure off this purchasing decision!

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  1. anita williams Says:

    how can i get a phone number to call and ask a few questions and place a order with your company? thank you ,mrs williams

  2. Sandra Wojtaszek Says:

    I need your help. I used my cooker canner and now I can’t open the cover. It’s like frozen. can you give me any ideas on how to open it? Thank you.