Presto Professional Jumbo Electric Griddle

22 Inch Skillet #07039

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Presto Professional Jumbo ElectricThis is indeed a very jumbo-sized griddle. You could probably cook eight good-sized pancakes at the same time with this griddle. (I'm using the little know but very tasty pancake measuring system here.) I'm not sure where you would store a griddle of this size, but if you have a large family or crowd to feed you can probably figure something out.

It's a very simple design. One large cooking space, two handles. It has a nice small trap to catch drippings. I like that the control unit is on the side. I've seen models that have them squarely on the front, and it can be messy to clean when you get food in the control knob, etc.

I wish it had independent heat zones so you could cook foods separately. This would make it more usable for a smaller family (cook pancakes on one side, hash browns on the other). And I saw a griddle at Williams Sonoma with a splatter-guard for protecting your countertops. That would be awesome, too. Especially since I cook a lot of bacon on mine.

For this price though, it is a good, solid griddle. Food doesn't stick to it. It's easy to clean. And it makes it easy to prepare a meal for the whole family.

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