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Presto Professional Salad Shooter Although I enjoy cooking and one of my favorite parts of that is knifework, I don't like making salads. What should be a very simple dish becomes complicated when you get down to the real work, and it leaves a huge mess behind. The Salad Shooter from Presto doesn't eliminate all the hassle, but it cuts it way back.

The Salad Shooter is a handheld electric grater and slicer that lets you very simply and quickly put clean vegetables in the hopper and shoot salad directly into the salad bowl. With four interchangeable cutting cones you can grate potatoes for hash browns, slice apples for pie, and even shred cheese for pizza. Presto's well known invention has a very good reputation and actually does what the company advertises.

Cleanup is as simple as cleaning a breakdown appliance can be--that means there is some work that has to be done by hand. The base cleans up with a quick wipe down. Cutting cones and the hopper plunger are dishwasher safe, but crevices will need inspection and some manual touching up. A good sanitizing choice that won't damage the machine or taint food is a paper towel dampened in diluted vinegar. It leaves a nice shine and it smells good.

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