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Stainless Steel Dual Basket Immersion | 12 Cup 05466

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Presto ProFry Deep Fryer The Presto 05466 brings Southern comfort to your home. It's a professional-style, dual-basket deep fryer that can accommodate family-size quantities. And the beauty of it is that with two baskets you can fry two foods at once. Fried chicken and JoJos? Popcorn shrimp and hush puppies? Crullers and beignets?

With its 1800-watt immersion element, the Presto 05466 offers quick preheating and fast oil recovery time. The adjustable thermostat, oil-ready indicator, and the cover which acts as a splatter shield all add up to easy use. And with the easy removal of the heating element and enameled pot, clean-up is a breeze, too.

Of course, with your own deep-fryer you need not limit yourself to souther culinary borders. Think global; fry local. How about Indian pappadums? Vietnamese rice rolls? Or home-made wantons?

You can even take a favorite stand-by and go gourmet. Truffle-oil french fries, anyone?

But, there are dangers to the deep-fryer, too. And I don't just mean the calories and coronary dangers. This is a sizable machine: 16x15x11 inches. So unless you have a lot of cabinet space or a shelf in the basement, you may want to consider just how often you'll use this machine before buying your own.

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