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Presto Saladshooter Electric FoodOne of the most popular kitchen gadgets ever, the Presto Salad Shooter has been around for decades--a couple--and still has a faithful following of happy owners and users. Lightweight and compact, it solves what I consider one of the most bothersome kitchen problems--making salads. I'd rather cook, and anything that gets the salad out of the way faster is my friend.

Cutting cones with slicing and grating blades snap quickly in and out of the main assembly. Drop clean vegetables, fruits or even nuts into the hopper, point the machine at the mixing bowl, and pull the trigger. Salad slices or julienned pieces shoot directly into the bowl. Mix and serve.

Useful for a number of chores that would be slow or messy with a knife and cutting board, the Salad Shooter is even stout enough to shred mozzarella for pizza. It's a genuine time saver for taco fillings as well as quick prep for stir fry.

Clean up is easy, although you'll have to do that by hand. Cutter cones will fit the dishwasher rack but the edges of the blades stay sharper longer if you do a hand wash and dry. A quick rubdown with a towel and a little vinegar keeps the machine spotless and shining.

Cuisinart's comparable version is the PrepExpress.

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