Presto Pressure Cooker, 6 Quart

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Presto Stainless Steel Pressure CookerThe home Pressure Cooker was all the rage in the years following WWII. Then, with the advent of frozen meals and TV dinners it fell out of favor as the best way to prepare a speedy, substantial meal. Well, that and the reputation of older, shoddier models to blow up in your kitchen. Man, cooking was exciting back then!

Thankfully this cooking method is back in vogue as folks rediscover the versatility and time-saving wonders of a good Pressure Cooker. This Presto model is a good example, and an ideal introduction to the world of pressure cooking.

The Pressure Cooker is a very old invention, and relies on a simple concept. When these cooking pots are sealed and heated on the stovetop, steam pressure builds up inside and raises the boiling temperature from 212 to around 250 Fahrenheit, resulting in faster cooking, with the steam penetrating deeply into meats to tenderize them in a remarkably short time. The benefits here are twofold- You can use less expensive cuts of meat for dinner, and use much less energy resources to prepare them. The savings add up fast.

This cooker is heavy Stainless Steel, a giant improvement over the aluminum models of old. Large enough to cook dinner for a family, it features a simple mechanism to vent steam, as well as all important safety features to prevent dangerous pressure buildup. The parts are all removable for easy cleaning. Nothing fancy here, just a dependable workhorse for your kitchen.

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