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Progressive International Food Chopper Although the Progressive International Fruit and Vegetable Chopper has some interesting perks, it's a limited capacity gadget that will last only as long as the blades stay sharp. Be careful not to overstress the plastic hinge.

Unlike some slicers, this one won't endanger your fingers--cutting edges are well out of the way. Place a small or medium sized fruit or veggie on the cutting grid, press down smartly with the plastic pusher lid, and sliced or julienned results drop into the storage box base. If you are working with long vegetables like celery or carrots, a side cutter in the lid clips off the section neatly, so pre-sizing is unnecessary.

The finer the cutting grid, the longer the total cutting edge and the more pressure the machine requires. For finer julienned pieces, pre-cut small sections of vegetables to ease the stress on the chopper.

On the underside of the lid is a pusher grid that fits between the cutting blades of even the smallest cutting grids. This reduces waste to nearly zero--no leftover "handle stubs" to chop by hand or throw away. If the lids shifts to the side when you're trying to smash too much potato through the chopper blades, hard ABS plastic will hit the blades instead of the space between them. It doesn't take much of that to dull blades and throw things permanently askew.

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