Rachael Ray Orange Oval Pasta Pot

8 Quart Hard Anodized Aluminum

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Rachael Ray Orange Oval Pasta Pot Rachel Ray created this eight quart oval pasta pot. The shape saves space on the stove and allows you to cook pastas without breaking the noodles.

Hard anodized aluminum equals durability and excellent heat distribution. The glass lid holds in steam while allowing the cook to see inside. The nonstick interior enables cooking with less use of oil and keeps food from adhering. Draining will be easier with the convenient pour spout. The handles have a lively orange color to their silicone coating. The silicone provides a secure grip and heat resistance. Prepare pasta, soup, stews, or boil corn. Oven safe to four hundred degrees. Simply hand wash for a longer service life. The pot comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Customers were happy having more room on the stove and were pleased with the generous interior of the pan. Toss your noodles or pasta right in the sauce in the same pan and still have ease of cleaning. The orange of the handles is a signature Rachel Ray color. People familiar with her work will know they're Rachel Ray's without your having to say. The website for her show has many extras for fans, including recipes broken down into useful categories to provide plenty of inspiration for you to use the pot.

Here's the Rachael Ray saute pan that goes with the set.

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