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Rancilio Coffee Espresso Machine This is known as a "semi-professional" coffee machine. What that means is that this shares many features with the professional machines you would find at your local coffee shop while keeping the size and price more suited to the consumer.

Rancilio has been in the coffee machine business since 1927. They have legions of die hard fans the world over that won't hesitate to tell you why their machines are the best. There is actually a cult following among users of these espresso makers.

The quality of manufacture to this machine is impeccable. It is designed and constructed for making quality coffee and no expense has been spared to that end. It has a solid brass 12 oz. boiler, brass lines and a chromed brass brewing head. When the boiler heats the water, all that heated metal is said to maintain a consistent brewing temperature for superior espresso. There are many more technical features that go into this machine, suffice to say it has the ability to deliver a fine cup of espresso, and go on doing it for a long time.

All this isn't without a price of course. Besides the rather steep purchase price to acquire this baby, the learning curve can be substantial before you are making consistently good espressos at home. The fans as well as the company will tell you there is much you will have to learn in order to "finesse" a wonderful cup of coffee, time and again from the Rancilio machine. This is no pushbutton wonder, more like an instrument you will have to learn to play before you can make beautiful music.

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