Reco International Classic Romertopf Clay Baker

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Reco International Classic RomertopfThe clay pot Romertopf allows you to benefit from the wisdom of generations through an ancient method of cooking. Some of the more creative seasoning involves the use of beer, wine, spices or butter, but you can cook without adding any fat or liquid to your dishes if you choose. They will still come out tender and flavorful because the clay releases moisture into food as it cooks. This makes it great for meats (especially ones prone to drying out as they cook), soup or slow roasts.

Made in Mexico, the porous clay of the Romertopf is free of impurities and contains no lead or cadmium. It should be protected from sudden changes in heat, so place it in the oven and allow the oven to heat along with the baker. The unglazed clay breathes and seasons over time as you cook with it. The clay pot prepares food for up to six people and then it cleans "green" with just a wash of baking soda and vinegar. Wash by hand and dry immediately for best results.

The Complete Guide to Claypot Cooking and The Good Health Claypot Cookbook are two titles available to guide you if you're unsure about how to best use the baker, but it really is as simple as presoaking the clay and adding the ingredients. The baker will contain steam and lock in flavor. It saves time and creates a one pot meal through slow cooking, yet doesn't take hours to complete a dish.

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