Rick Bayless Celebrates With Chiles en Nogada

Mexican Independence Day Authentic Recipe, Traditional With Modern Twist

Posted by on Sep 18

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Mexico celebrated its 200th Independence Day this past Thursday the 16th, and many will carry the celebration through the weekend. A popular dish to serve is Chiles en Nogada, a delicacy created by Puebla nuns to honor Viceroy Agustin de Iturbide. This Spanish general is credited for ending the Mexican War of Independence as well as creating the first Mexican flag.

Celebrity chef, "Top Chef" Master, and king of America's Mexican cuisine Rick Bayless offers his version of Chiles en Nogada by making pork-and-fruit stuffed chiles with white walnut sauce. He recommends starting the preparations a day or two in advance to save time in the kitchen. Peeled walnuts can be kept fresh in the refrigerator, and deveined chiles can be soaked in saltwater if they are too spicy.

Bayless includes boneless pork shoulder, poblano chiles, seasonal fresh fruits, almonds, and a mixture of savory and sweet spices in his chile stuffing. Once the chiles are filled, the walnut sauce can be prepared using crustless white bread, Mexican crema along with regular milk, ground canela or cinnamon, sugar and salt, and a bit of dry sherry. After saucing the dish, Bayless tops the chiles with pomegranate seeds and fresh sprigs of parsley for garnish.

Visit rickbayless.com to view the rest of the ingredients for Chiles en Nogada along with Bayless' step-by-step recipe tips.

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