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Kitchen Deli Style Compact 1042W

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Rival Electric Food Slicer The Rival 1042W Electric Food Slicer is not a "do everything" machine. The motor is only 75 Watts, the housing is plastic, and the gears that drive the 6 1/2 inch diameter stainless steel blade are nylon. Still, if you realize the limitations you may find it useful. The one year limited warranty probably accurately describes the lifetime of this machine in normal use.

The build of the Rival 1042W is slightly flexible. Forcing food through the blade will only increase the likelihood of jamming and will also create uneven cuts. Overstressing the Rival could strip the gears. Since food has to slide evenly over the cutting table some foods will be more cooperative than others. Fresh bread, moist and soft, won't yield good uniform slices. Wait for it to cool.

Cheese doesn't work well with this machine, tending to gum it up too much for the 75 Watt motor to handle. Cheese is a high friction item, but some meats like salami are naturally high in lubricating fat and may slice well enough on the Rival if you're careful. Thin slices will stress the machine less than thick ones. Fruits and vegetables are more likely to produce good results.

The parts of the machine that disassemble for cleaning are not dishwasher safe, so everything must be regularly and carefully cleaned by hand. The table does fold up, making this a very compact machine when cleaned and put away.

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