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#SCVI600B-SS 6-Quart Premium VersaWare

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Rival SCVI600B-SS Crock Pot 6-QuartRival introduced the Crock-Pot name in the early seventies, but since then the term has come to refer to slow cookers in a generic fashion. Similar to the Cuisinart PSC-400 4 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker, the Rival's most outstanding individual feature is the oval stone pot which can be used on the stovetop or in the oven, as well as with its heating base. The oval shape allows easier placement of oddly proportioned foods like whole poultry. You can sautee, brown, and cook in the crock or use a combination to achieve new heights in meal preparation. Unlike the Cuisinart's ceramic cookpot, the Rival can be used directly on the stove and store in the refrigerator.

This model uses dials/knobs for adjustments, unlike the enclosed touchpad of the Cuisinart. This can be a bit more of a cleaning hassle over time. The Rival also has the digital timer, programmable countdown, automatic stay warm function, and stay cool handles. The stoneware pot and lid are dishwasher safe. Take care washing and storing as the stoneware can chip. This slow cooker comes with a one year warranty

Replacement parts can be difficult to attain. This is troublesome as there have been several issues with defects and temperature problems. Food is burned more often than you'd like to hear. Questions have arisen about whether meat can really be browned using the stoneware considering all of the qualifications and limits in the instructions. Mostly a small irritation, but you can't see through the lid to check on food.

Experiences with this model tend to run to the extreme- either customers love their Rival or they swear Never Again. If you require a larger capacity, the unique oval shape, or the versatility of stovetop and refrigerator use, you may want to give this model a try.

Compare this with Cuisinart's slow cooker.

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